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Registered participants for 3rd Symposium on "Emerging Trends in Biomedical Sciences" are invited to visit SSBS Research Laboratories on 16th February from 10.00 am till 4.00 pm.

Symbiosis School of Biological Sciences (SSBS) ( formerly School of Biomedical sciences)

Symbiosis School of Biological Sciences (SSBS) ( formerly School of Biomedical sciences) was established as a new initiative of Symbiosis International University (SIU) in 2011 under the Faculty of Health and Biological Sciences (FOHBS) to address the need for a school devoted to training, research and development in the field of Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Nutrition & Dietetics and Food & Beverages.

In the past, scientific research has given highly effective technologies for the prevention and control of human diseases. However, with upsurge of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases; re-emerging diseases like malaria, dengue; and with the advent of newly emerging diseases like HIV, influenza there is an imminent need to invest and add value to application based research in the field of biomedical sciences. 

Our goal is to carry out biomedical research of highest calibre through global cooperation and to develop knowledge-rich highly skilled human resource towards the betterment of mankind and its society.

All the academic activities at SSBS are driven by diverse research activities. The faculty have strong research background in the areas of Cancer and Stem Cell Biology, Clinical Biochemistry, Vaccine Development, Metabolic and Bioprocess Engineering, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Public Health Nutrition, Micronutrient Deficiencies, Food Science, Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition Education, etc.

Research & Innovation
The University offers a Ph.D. programme in its seven faculties and 26 research institutions have been recognized by Symbiosis International University for research. These include institutions of national importance like the Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Co-operative Management, Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Bengaluru Chest Research Foundation, Serum Institute of India etc.

Connect with Reserch Centers
SSBS has state of the art infrastructure and a range of specialised laboratories in bioanalytics, animal tissue culture, microbiology, genetics and molecular biology, nutrition and food science with latest high end equipments. An Animal House facility is also available at SSBS which fosters research at Masters as well at Ph. D level. Hostel, recreation and wellness, gym, library and wi-fi.

Campus & Facilities
Students are rigorously trained in various laboratory tools and techniques in these fields during regular practical sessions, summer training and the final semester projects. Most importantly, the vigorous research activities at SSBS are translated into numerous research articles that are published in top-indexed national/international journals.

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