Research Areas - Nutrition and Dietetics

Maternal and Child Health

The area of research focuses on maternal and child health. The specific areas of work include micronutrient deficiencies (iron, zinc, folic acid, vitamin B12, iodine, Vitamin A), interactions between micronutrients and the implications of these interactions in health and disease (both under- and over nutrition). Additionally, we research the impact of micronutrient deficiencies on the neurocognitive development of children using innovative and advanced methods to understand structural and functional brain changes are conducted. Assessment of dietary intakes of populations to develop food-based strategies and policies to sustainably improve population health is conducted.

Dr. Kavitha Menon



The work focuses in the field of Nutrigenomics to understand the relationship between nutritional intake, nutritional status and early biomarkers of metabolic syndrome in young Indian population. The work being carried out is to study population specific polymorphisms in genes responsible for metabolic syndrome, determining the influence of diet in regulating their gene expression.

Dr. Maithili Paranjpe


Public Health Nutrition

The broad area of interest is maternal and child health with focus on community based studies related to nutritional status and vitamin D status. The research interest revolves around community based studies/surveys related to nutritional status of various age groups, professions and physiological stage of life. Studies include identifying the factors affecting the nutritional status of adolescents, shift duty employees, pregnant women, etc. and studying its impact on nutritional status, dietary pattern, food choices and prevalence of lifestyle diseases among them. Studies related to vitamin D status among various age groups and its effect on birth outcomes in pregnant women, depression among adolescents and incidence of non-communicable diseases. Food product development to address the increasing prevalence of malnutrition among children and vitamin D enriched recipes to overcome its deficiency.

Dr. Arti Muley


Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

The core area of work focuses on translation of dietary interventions to enhance quality of life through different life-stages primarily, women and child health. This includes comprehensive nutritional status assessments for identification of dietary and lifestyle risk factors associated with chronic diseases. Through this line of research in clinical nutrition, we hope to generate insights into novel therapeutic and preventive approaches.

Ms. Devaki Gokhale


Nutrition advocacy and education

Adolescent health and nutrition, nutrition advocacy and education, new food product development

This area of research focuses on studies on adolescent lifestyle and wellbeing, nutrition advocacy and nutrition education for adolescents. An ongoing project on "Development, validation and dissemination of comprehensive healthy eating and living index for adolescents "is a part of this research area. Apart from adolescent nutrition, the area of work also includes food product development with special emphasis on vegan foods.

Mrs. Radhika Hedaoo