Symbiosis School of Biological Sciences (SSBS) ( formerly School of Biomedical sciences) "Research" is Culture. Students of M.Sc. Biotechnology and M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics are encouraged to be imaginative and think in terms of originality and distinctiveness. We train and nurture our students in an intellectual environment which is not only conducive in creating new knowledge but also provides them with the right impetus for a life dedicated to scientific endeavors.

The synthesis of teaching and research is fundamental to SSBS. Therefore our faculty who engage in teaching students have excellent scientific aptitude and come from strong research backgrounds. Presently research is focused on areas such as Stem Cell Biology, Cancer and Epigenetics, Immunology and Vaccines, Bioprocess engineering, bacterial quorum sensing, metabolic engineering, Micronutrient deficiency disorders, adolescent health and Maternal and Child Health.

Grants Received

Sr. No. Title of the Project Name & Designation of Principal Investigator Funding Agency Amount Tenure of project
1. Molecular analyses of extra-cellular vesicles isolated from bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells treated with specific signaling modifiers and assessment of their effects on the fate of hematopoietic stem cells Dr. Anuradha Vaidya, Associate Professor & Deputy Director Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India Rs. 43,36,800 2018-2021
2. Investigating the biotechnological potential of Lactobacillus β-glucosidases in releasing important phytochemicals during mango fruit processing Dr. Ram Kulkarni, Assistant Professor SERB, Govt. of India Rs. 41,44,332 2018-2021
3. Production of limonene and trans-carveol in Lactobacillus acidophilus by metabolic engineering of plant genes Dr. Ram Kulkarni, Assistant Professor DAAD, Germany EUR 22,914 2018-2020
4. Application of non-starch polysaccharide hydrolyzing enzymes as feed additives Dr. Ram Kulkarni, Assistant Professor Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd, Pune Rs. 17,80,000 2016-2018
5. Microbial cross talks: Mechanisms of bacterial signaling interference in virulence determinants and pathogenesis. Dr. Sunil Saroj, Associate Professor Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India Rs. 32,50,000 2017-2022
6. Development Validation and Dissemination of comprehensive healthy eating and living index for adolescents Mrs. Radhika Hedaoo (Co-PI) Assistant Professor

Dr. Neetu Mishra (Co-PI) Associate Professor
ICMR-ICSSR, Govt.of India Rs 18,48,000 2018-2020

(formerly Symbiosis School of Biomedical Sciences)
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